Club BW

Hotel Suryaa , New Friends Colony, New Delhi - 110025

The only real Elegance is in the mind , if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it. Keeping in mind the same we are getting a new destination “Club BW”, the first of it’s kind in the capital.
When we talk about Club BW, we completely are introducing you to a new world; The world of Elegance, Glamour, Grace & Fashion by adding a tint of two colours Black & White that gives you protection from External Emotional stress and makes you feel complete with perfection.

So to enhance your elegance & glamour we bring you in to this new world of Club BW, where you dwell in all the luxuries of life. From liquor to music, and from music to Glam Culture.
Once you enter BW gives the uppermost luxury in a Black and White way. The royal welcome by the king and queen and the shimmer of the main floor will make anybody jitter away the worries to its whimsical euphoria.

Talking about the Music the in-house & guest DJs brought in will play International dance music of the various genres in accordance to the current global club trends. Also the outlet comprises of three major Lounge Sections: VVIP Domain, VIP Domain and General Domain namely King, Queen and Bishop Lounge respectively.

With a completely distinctive concept “Club BW” is big enough to fill its gaping girth. So as you enter lofty gates you are welcomed a world of finesse, luxury, leisure and fun time ahead.
So Unwind your senses and head yourself towards Surya Hotel for Luxury Awaited clothed in the form of Club BW