Moonshine cafe and Bar

30, Second Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

The name itself is a scintillating anecdote of history, a reminder of the mystical Prohibition Era, when alcohol was distilled at night, by the moonlight. The endearingly ‘old-school watering hole’ setting is magnetic, and in itself is enough to leave you awe struck, promising to be a new experience; a refreshing change from the usual cafés and bars in Delhi.

The magic implied by the name comes alive through its rustic, vintage décor; the Chicago Skyline, artistically strewn across the walls, is sure to leave everyone spellbound. Add to that, an airy terrace overlooking refreshing greenery, and you have the perfect evening haunt.

Moonshine is that one place in Hauz Khas Village where you can dance till your feet hurt, get lost in your favourite tunes, and still be able to sit back with a delicious drink and have an amazing meal out by the terrace, as you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the old Hauz Khas area.