Taksim - Restro Bar

Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon New Delhi

Trendy cool meets urban hip-chic at Taksim – Restro Bar, the flagship venue for popular international F&B chain TAKSIM. A superlative example of new-generation restro-bars that promote a more interactive vibe, Taksim is spread across a generous 4200 square feet of space moulded into two floors, a mezzanine and a sprawling open-air patio. A consummate compilation of Global Cuisine, a designer bar serving an exhaustive array of inspired cocktails, Contemporary Interiors and an ever-evolving dossier of music and performances, are what comprise the core of the space Taksimcalls home.

The interiors form an inviting canvas that highlights the use of a neutral colour palate offset with modishly upholstered furniture. An elevated ceiling and liberal amounts of natural light frame the space to re-create a voguish warehouse destination catering to a variety of requirements of an increasingly progressive clientele.